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The game has exactly the same adventure features as Iceland, and now it has the same name and the same winning amount-a little change was made just to suit the theme. It's like the laziness of Spade Gaming, because creating something slightly different is not as difficult as their experience. We assume that if you want the same gameplay but different graphics, then "Indian Mythology" will suit you, but we are not that type of player.

In fact, players only need to make some change to start playing "Indian Mythology", which is where the game begins to make up for its declining appeal. By keeping the bet value at 0.01 and betting no more than 1 point in each of the 50 lines, the player's bet amount is no more than 0.50. Of course, they can choose the largest bet according to their preferences, although the value of the coin will not change without your input. The auto-play round is open to those who need them. For busy bees, the fast spin function is the same. These bees need to complete all operations quickly. Both of these add-ons can be turned on and off at your convenience, which means you can customize the game throughout the experience and not just at the beginning.