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Tally Ho mobile slot machine is a 5-reel, 9 payline, 10 coin game. Therefore, you can expect the same excellent game as the original "Thunder" slot game. Having said that, the mid-range volatility of thunderstorms is low, so the expected chance of winning is small. However, when the return rate reaches 95%-96%, the advertising space has a reasonable return. You only need a little patience to use the 4x multiplier to achieve these free spins, and the major wins of the game are hidden here.

But the image lacks imagination. If there is almost no movement or interesting graphics on the screen, it is always difficult to call the video slot "video". It feels a bit dated. With the Wild and Scatter symbol, Gamble and Free Spins Bonus Feature (gambling and free spin bonus feature), from the perspective of the growing range of Microgaming mobile slots, if it is a standard mobile slot, it is quite good.